Modaberan Sanat Company History

  • Company Establishment

    Fanarsazan Company was established in 2003 with consortium including Iranian Ikad Research Manufacture Company and Malaysian Companies Sapura and I.S.G .The mission was to enter to manufacture Auto parts. They offered their products in Auto parts section. Modaberan Sanat is one of Isfahan Saman Gostar Company subsidiary that is known as a stock company with more than 38000 true and legal shareholders and membership in Tehran Stock Exchange.

  • Patent & Innovation

    This company continues its activities by the name of Modaberan Sanat Saman Gostar in 2013 with new work description at energy and consulting sector and eventually, in corporation with a knowledge-based group by patent and innovation in the way of making water healthy and disinfection industry to follow our share in the development of dear Iran by slogan: “In the Path of Hygiene on the Peak “.

  • Design & production

    Modaberan Sanat Saman Gostar is going to have costly investment to design and produce healthy-related systems and offer its products as Sanitizer Systems to consumption markets and Bazaars.

Modaberan Sanat Company Confirmations

Modaberan Sanat Company Honors