AvicultureAviculture Package

Benefits :

  • Sanitizing all of in and out spaces of aviculture including streets, enclosures, rooms, salons, conditioners, roofs and etc
  • Sanitizing cars before entering to the aviculture enclosure with automatic spraying system
  • Sanitizing shoes and booths and disinfection of foot and hand at the main entrance and salons
  • Sanitizing water of fog sprayer in order to disinfection of air and inside of salons
  • Sanitizing dishes and food bar in the halls
  • Sanitizing floor, walls and halls roof before hatching , during exploiting and after that
  • Sanitizing dishes and bird transportation baskets and container inside especially for transporting one day old chicks
  • Sanitizing hatching machine in order to disinfection egg and necessary humidity
  • Sanitizing egg packaging salons in different sectors
  • Removing all pathogens including bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts and etc
  • Prevent from transmission contagious diseases
  • Removing chemical material including formalin smoke, permanganate, tebadin and etc
  • No resistance bacteria to multi oxidant
  • Produce in place and non-dependency
  • The only consumed material is salt

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